De behandeling:

In the treatment speed is of vital importance, and the patient should be admitted to the hospital to make. Antibiotics are administered by infusion into high dose. To stop the infection must be removed by means of operating the affected tissue, which also amputation of an arm or leg may be needed. The operation is necessary because anti-biotics can not be dispersed well by the dead tissue. Later, a skin graft will then be needed in order to be able to cover the operated area enduring. Sometimes, oxygen is also used in the treatment in order to address the anaerobic bacteria.The longer it takes before initiating treatment, the worse forecasts in respect to the patient. The mortality rate is high: 20 tot 40 % the patient dies it, even with proper treatment. The good news is that it is a relatively rare disease.

De oorzaak van de infectie: De behandeling: Ontvakelijkheid: verwonding behandelen: necrotiserende fasciitis

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