Opname Paaz-afdeling

Monday 5 november 2012

All night slept badly and at half 6 I had with my neighbor 3 coffee cups. Asked the nurse if everything was already arranged, but they could find nothing to read back. I had to ask him to the day shift. About 8 hour day shift at the venue, which indicated that the taxi had to be arranged only they do not know how it was that went into his work. Finally after an hour everything was arranged.
De taxi zou me om 11.20 hour pick up at the emergency room entrance. However, in order 10.10 hour the ward doctor still had not visited. He first had to see the wound and a picture of it for the surgeon. About 10.15 hours he was finally there. The wound looked good he found out and saw the healing well. He said it would be nice if this could be the solution. Immediately afterwards came also the internist along and that insulin increased again. Because it turns out that my sugar in the evening becoming much too high.

Finally I was then ready. Say goodbye to the nursing.
I only went to half 11 down. The taxi was fortunately too late, and it seemed like hours before we were at Overvecht. Om even over 11 waren we er. We arrived at the main entrance. The nurses had not quite given where I had. So I look and saw that 3 were storeys. I first went to the 9
e Division I stood in front of a closed door and it said that it was a closed section. So I thought to myself I should not be here. I get into the elevator and to the 12e floor, there meant I had to inform me. I get to hear all of a sudden you have to report on the 9e floor. I immediately thought that this is now. I go back to the with all my stuff 9e floor and rang but to. As I was waiting, I felt a huge pressure on me chest and even began to sweat.
Once inside, I got a small intake conversation and was shown around by the department. It is an old branch with a sort of living room. It is in this department 10 persons place and sit down presently there 6 people. I'll be on a ward with more 2 other men. Well I had to hand my medication and stuff for the wound, dat is de regel hier. Later a psychiatric doctor along to talk. He asked me and what do you think? I gave him that I was shocked that I had landed on a closed section. Here, he replied that it is happening and that there may be some done by the rules. In addition, I was asked what are you doing here? I thought to myself what I'll do here? Well that's a good question. I come here for help with my problems in the first instance for healing me arm and also the psychological problems. Next question was did you come here for yourself or do you do it for your family or others. I have honestly answer given, at first I did it for the family, but am now also realized that I do it for myself, for I see now that I really tangled with myself and there are days when I'm so sick of everything.

Later in the afternoon, the psychiatrist also came along and who also wondered the shirt off my body. And some questions he asked I thought to myself, why do you ask this. At times I felt that I had to defend. Later he laid it out to me why he asked some questions. He also explained to me why I had landed on a closed section. It has to do with the fact that they can observe me better than, both mentally and physically.
It could be that I do is subconsciously to the wound. But fortunately, I'm sure this is not the case. By observing me well one can make a good treatment plan, so I finally can process the trauma and make a fresh start. For the rest of the evening was very long, for there is here in the evening to do nothing, only an hour's visit. Luckily I have my laptopje here and can still do something with.

Dinsdag 6 november 2012
Have slept pretty well last night, if I personally had thought that I would not sleep the first day. Even my sugar levels were this morning. The food is done jointly here, therefore, to 9.00 hour had breakfast and then there is a morning round. Then you're all telling what you plan these days and you'll hear any calls for your stand etc.. Today I only had a standing appointment with the diabetes nursing and I would go to * PMT and that is every day 13.15 AM to 14.15 hour. After the round you can just go ahead again.
The PMT, I found quite tiring. Het thema know what ever limits. And right at the second part I found myself all at. There must be a crate of the items at the one side to the other to be transferred. Well I would do equally do. I picked up the crate and immediately I got a big pain in my arm. And here I have the rest of the time had a bit of trouble. Was told by the therapist to look at that in the future and listen to body. But yeah, I fail really to admit that I no longer can those things. Later, the diabetes-nurse visited and which has the insulin readjusted. And she immediately made an appointment for tomorrow at the pedicure, because there are some deep folds in my heel and doing very very. Later there was another doctor for a physical examination. I said that this is all familiar, but I got the answer that this happens with every new patient. So yeah, but then an additional onderzoekje.

Wednesday 7 november 2012
Tonight quite restless sleep, several times been awake. This morning I had to come to the podiatrist and that gave me that my feet looked good, although I prednisone swallow. But my left foot was something worse than the right foot. But fortunately the feet are done and I need them to go good rub with foot cream. For the rest I've had a lousy day and no calls or headache. This afternoon at me bedridden and some sleep. All day I feel very tired and lethargic. Tonight Vera came to visit, it reminded me very well. The hour was therefore much too soon. Have also spoken with her that I find it hard to sit inside, but that it is good and that I come out stronger.

Thursday 8 november 2012
Today I was tired when I wake up and sleep with the CIBAB. Have therefore asked whether the agreement with the lung specialist may be brought forward, so that the CIBAB can also be checked. Also today I am just been a half hour out since 3 soak, or with a nurse. After half an hour having been in it I felt that it was enough for today. Heb daarom vanmiddag ook heel even op bed gelegen. Later is de diëtiste weer langs geweest en ze gaf aan dat de suikers op dit moeilijk onder controle zijn te houden. We gaan maandag aan de slag met een schema te maken waar ik me een beetje aan moet gaan houden. De rest van de dag ging het wel redelijk goed, alleen mijn ogen worden steeds slechter. Morgen maar eens naar een arts vragen.

Na twee weken mocht ik eindelijk van de gesloten afdeling af en ging ik naar de open afdeling. Hier had ik wel meer vrijheid en kreeg ik ook wat meer soorten therapieën. Maar de therapie die ik nodig had kreeg ik niet. Twee keer heb ik een behandelingsplan-bespreking gehad, maar het werd mij niet echt duidelijk wat ze nu precies voor behandelingsplan voor mij hadden. What I learned in that month that I was on my own and was able to think well about everything. And in doing so I got on Friday, I was told just a few days, I had the weekend to go home. This was not really a good idea. But yeah, when I'm still from Saturday to Sunday to gone. The first weekend was not good at all. I did not feel at ease at home and thus ended up quite quickly in a robust discussion. On Sunday I also went back in time and I indicated that the weekend had not gone well at the nursing. The following week I went home one day and that went a lot better, but I did not feel at ease. This also has to do with the fact that I had now been nearly three months of house and then you suddenly go back home. The last week I was there I finally got the feeling that there was something done therapies. I was meanwhile reported to an authority in Utrecht for impulsiveness. In the last week were also asked me if I wanted to participate in an interview. This meant that I would be interviewed by a psychiatrist in a room with all psychiatrists, co-psychiatrists and assistants. I agreed with it in, because I had so perhaps it does come with more ideas to further help me.
The interview lasted about 20 minutes and then there was the opportunity for others to ask questions to me. There was already a question about my website, why I was so much concerned with the website. I gave that to me is very important and I like all of myself to write down and I want to show others what a streptococcus can cause and that also made medical errors.

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