December 2005

Zaterdag 5 december 2005
The days pass slowly over. I did not feel sick longer and lay me a bit bored. Every day I asked the doctors what policies they were moving forward. One said that first there had to be carried out surgery and the other said again that the wounds had to be first all close again and another said I could go home. I was quietly despondent. The social worker of the hospital was with a nurse to a concert and have since made it clear that there should be clarity for me, but also for the staff.

Monday 7 december 2005
The doctor came late in the morning along and it all looked good. As for him, I could go home. But everything had to be arranged, such as home care. I continued to attend even under the supervision of the traumatology. I had to expect that there would follow a number of operations in the near future. The time had now arrived to recover further, and that could best be done at home. So it was now wait and see if home care was arranged.

Wednesday 9 december 2005
Early afternoon the ward doctor came over and told me I could go home. First, home care needed, etc.. are arranged and then I could not be retrieved. The oldest was that day, birthday and I had agreed with Vera that she would come to visit with the kids and I would be ready with my stuff. It was a big surprise for them that I could bring home. Nice Christmas and New Year celebration cozy home. I had not expected that I would be home for that time. The future home care, any day 2 times come every day to care for the wound. It went better with me and home care also was pleased how it went. I did pass 20 December, control to reach the surgeon.

Dinsdag 20 december 2005
Today I had a standing appointment with the surgeon. Everything looked good. He was very pleased with how was the cure. And he also did not expect that I would be operated on again in the short term. The next operation would be likely to be made by the plastic surgeon. I was pleased to hear that everything went well. I was tired of the fact still have to stay a long time in hospital. So now I can happily celebrate the holidays with the family. Since we made preliminary plans. The Christmas Day we would be the two of us and the Boxing Day the children were at home and would be my parents. So now we could make the final arrangements.

Wednesday 21 december 2005
This night I was again very touched. At first, I was awake and restless mind began to sweat. I was taking a sudden severe pain in my arm,. I immediately made Vera woke up and told her that there was something wrong with my arm. We took the temperature immediately. I raise (38.4). I still tried to sleep and 8 hours immediately called the hospital. I could 13.00 come hours. Fortunately I had three days the same home care nurse and discovered that there was a black spot in my armpit what happened that day before was not yet. I had to say it in hospital. When I arrived at the clinic, I had to go to a room and lie down on a bed. The doctor came to see, and without he saw my arm, he said: "I want to give you a course of antibiotics immediately, but through the drip ". So this meant that I had to be reinstated. I was taken to ward H3 again and came to a room to be separate room. Vera had now come to the hospital and the ward doctor had meanwhile arrived. This said there was an inflammation and that this needed to be addressed through a course of antibiotics. Moments later came back two other doctors who examined my arm and came to conclusion that there is still needed a surgery. Rond 19.00 hours was one of the doctors tell me that they were going to operate within half an hour. The doctor had just left or squirted a brown yellow liquid over me. It was a big puddle on my bed. It turned out that the black spot was blown open, and that dead tissue spurted from the hole. The nurse immediately called the doctor and she had immediately diminish a culture. She pressed the syringe against the wound but shot a lot in my arm. I was rushed to surgery that night.

Thursday 22 december 2005
That night I slept badly and I had quite a lot of pain despite the morphine. The doctor would come to explain what was now again going. It turned out that there was now another bacterium in my arm. It concerned a stafylokokbacterie.

Vrijdag 23 december 2005
This day I had a lot of pain again. The surgeon was just stopped by and told me that the operation had gone well. But he indicated that the wound slightly larger had fallen out than expected. They could not yet say if I could go home, because the wound had to be quieter. They had clear weather a blood sample had the infection values ​​above 29 and which was under the 10 his. Before bed I got a sleeping pill.

Zaterdag 24 december 2005
This night I had slept a little better. I had asked the ward doctor or I just go home Boxing Day if to celebrate this day with the family and my in-laws. He has consulted and I was allowed to go home 10.00 AM to 23.00 hour. I was happy that I was allowed to go home. Vera and I had agreed that we would go over the Christmas Day together in the hospital restaurant food.

Zondag 25 december 2005
I regretted terribly that I was still in the hospital and it's still Christmas. The wound in my armpit looks increasingly out, if one wound clean then there will be no more junk out. But the doctors did not take any risk and wanted to first make sure all is well before I could go home. Vera hospital also received a Christmas meal. We ate together in the room . The sweetest I would also like to celebrate Christmas Day at home, but that was unfortunately not. But the food was very tasty.

Monday 26 december 2005
Rond 10.00 hours I was picked up. I got along medications for that day. That day we're all gegourmet. It was a very nice day, but the evening began to hurt or to play again. Rond 20.30 hour I picked up and I was around 21.00 hour stay at the hospital. The infusion was immediately reconnected to the antibiotics and I got the rest of the medications. Yet even take care of the wound. Once properly lying on my bed, I was glad I was there again. It was a nice day, but also very tiring.

Vrijdag 30 december 2005
The past few days had gone reasonably well. The pain had become a lot less and I had no more fever. The infection levels of blood had fallen to 6. That was also the reason that I could go home that day. Home care was already settled. The first time I had to come every week to check on the trauma clinic and the arrangement was, if I did not trust then I had to call right away.

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