September 2006

Vrijdag 1 september 2006
Tonight around half 4 I woke up from the pain and itch. The pain was on the sore arm and itching of the arm where the IV was. It turned out that the infusion was again killed. Had the nurses agreed that the morning would be discussed with the doctor or a new infusion there would be inserted. The night was very long, I've seen every hour of the night. I think it was because the other day would be taken off the bandage. The pain was getting worse. Luckily I got a OxyNorm and have this taken to the nurse. An hour later a nurse came with a morphine injection. I told her I had just gotten an oxycodone capsule, but that did not matter, she said. The rest of the night I slept badly. Rond 8.15 hour the assistant came unpack my arm. According to him, it looked good. He has made a number of photographs for the plastic surgeon. I had to go to the plaster room for another splint and had plenty of rest with my arm. Later in the day the assistant was just stopped by to see how the splint was. I could not sleep that night and around 1 hour I got a sleeping pill.

Zaterdag 2 september 2006
Around half 2 I was going to sleep. I could have gotten a shot of morphine. That was the day before, as well as agreed. The infusion would be removed and would, if necessary, get a shot of morphine pain. The idea was that I would completely phase out the morphine, but tapering had expired quietly. Around half 7 I woke up with severe pain, so I asked if I could get a painkiller. But the answer was that I could get no painkiller, because I at half 2 only had a syringe. So I had to wait until the day shift came along and that I had only to ask. So there I was with pain. I think I'll go on ahead shower, I'm busy and do not need the pain to think. Again, this was not because they were only the two of us. Like I can not just showering me. Not to get into a conflict, I was half 8 take a shower. The assistant also went along. He had thought of if he had not come along there that weekend than any doctor would come by. It all looked good and if the Monday is never so looked forward, I was allowed to go home. But that would be only in the evening between 17.30 en 18.30 hours, Monday morning because he is in the UMC and in the afternoon he had outpatient in the Antonius hospital. We had also talked about the morphine and he also felt I should come off with morphine, but also a dose reduction evening I met with Vera back on the ward, because we had been to the same restaurant. I wanted to quickly return to the department, because I had severe pain and I asked for a morphine injection. I got the nurse's response: “Nee, you do not get it, because there has been agreed with the doctor that the morphine will be phased out. "Well stitch that answer but in your pocket. Vera and I looked at each other with so what a rude answer to a normal demand. Luckily I had brought from home OxyNorm otherwise I kind suffered pain. Late night around 22.00 hours I got the spray pass.(This was another case of not communicating) I think the nurse has taken the wrong way and even further is going to act, because the doctor said I do not need to suffer pain. I've just taken me OxyNorm and am not discuss.

Zondag 3 september 2006
Tonight fair to good sleep. During the day it went pretty well. I've had pain and the patch until I got in the evening. In between, I took two oxycodone for the pain. In the evening I had a conflict with the same nurse who wanted to give me morphine. They came to tell me that I could go home tomorrow and then all in the morning. I told her that it was not yet certain and certainly not in the morning, because the doctor was in the morning and UMC in the afternoon he had poli here. So at the earliest was 5 hours before he could be on the ward. But that was not so according to her and she has himself read the files and she was there when the doctor said. I thought to myself human head off someone else bother. Later in the evening she came to visit me again and they kept saying it was in the morning and had himself read the file. So I call home to ask Vera if she could arrange transport. Vera was annoyed, because I called so late and so she could leave nothing more control.

Monday 4 september 2006
Well it started fantastic today. Vera had arranged transportation that someone could come pick me. I had my bag yesterday evening, already packed, so did not need to pack much more in. Well there I was packed and ready and was about to ask a nurse what time my papers were ready. I was told by the nurse that I was absolutely not gone yet, because the doctor wanted to see me at first before I could leave. In dat didnt kon 5 hour, I was a little angry and told the nurse had told her colleague that I could leave that morning. It was very clear in the dossier written that the doctor only after 5 came hours. According to her, her colleagues confused with another patient. Why hands above head. Fortunately, the doctor already for 1 hour by plane to the clinic in the afternoon he had. He took the bandage off and said to me the surgery was successful. But the farther he took the bandage off, the more it began to stink. The skin was inflamed on my forearm and he said that I could not go home and I had to stay another day or two. And I was given a course of antibiotics in ointment form, and that was to be smeared 1x per day. Vera had again been vindicated, because they had said that it would again take longer.

Dinsdag 6 september 2006
After all that fuss yesterday, I still slept well. I regretted only that it was inflamed again and asked myself still wondering if it's over now agree with all those operations. It is now the tenth operation 11 months. Almost every month I'll lie once in hospital. I started it was getting pretty, but I could not resign myself not to. I told myself over and over that it will soon all the good side would go on. The plastic surgeon also came by to see how it all looked out. He wanted me started again with another ointment. This I had already once had in the beginning. It was an eye ointment having a sort of substance that was good for healing. He said that an operation was needed there again soon, because the wound is so big that it would not heal, or it could take months before it self-healing. The risk of infection was too great.

Wednesday 7 september 2006
Today was a lot better. The pain just will not go, and it is as if the anesthesia is now only working because the pain was getting worse. But yeah, I had to persevere, because I still did not get more painkillers. That day was also stopped by the surgeon to see how it went. I told him that the pain got worse i.p.v. less. This, he thought that it was all inflamed and it had to be over.

Thursday 8 september 2006
Today was a bit better. The surgeon had again come by and have been removed, and the staple in the course of the day I was allowed to go home, but first another surgeon must stop by. Later, another plastic surgeon and this immediately said though there should be an operation soon.

Vrijdag 22 september 2006
And yes, today I come back. About 8:00 hour I had to report back to the department. It was again skin of my leg removed and were replaced on the glades. I was hoping this would be the last time, but this hope was small. I got right back precaution, antibiotics and morphine pump. I also just had the standard morphine I was constantly added. The days after it was just lie down and wait until I could go home. I had my arm in a plaster mold and a bandage.

Vrijdag 29 september 2006
Vanochtend moest ik om 11 hours later in the hospital for surgery number 11. Today I was operated by another plastic surgeon. Around half 12 I was taken down and around 4 uur was ik weer boven. Luckily I did not stay long. When it was all along than I was back home Monday. According to the nurses, the surgery went well. I would have given morphine again. I wanted to come here as soon as possible depending on weather. That night I was pretty good at and did not suffer from the pain.

Zaterdag 30 september 2006
Today, the plastic surgeon came by to see how he was. It went pretty well. Only in the evening, it was hit again. My infusion was reignited. We agreed that there did not drip, and I did try to endure the pain by occasionally taking a capsule of morphine in.

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