Mei 2006

Monday 22 mei 2006
Ik moest deze dag bij de internist komen voor de uitslag van het bloedonderzoek. Drie weken daarvoor had ik bloed moeten laten prikken. Het waren in totaal 17 buisjes en een potje urine. Op zich zag het er allemaal redelijk goed uit. Alleen op 2 punten scoorde ik negatief. Het bleek dat ik een aangeboren afwijking heb. Er worden niet genoeg eiwitten aangemaakt (voor duidelijke uitleg had ik een nieuwe afspraak gemaakt bij de internist). Dit houdt in dat ik erg gevoelig ben voor bacteriën en virussen. Maar het gevoel was wel dubbel voor me. Aan de ene kant hoopte ik dat ze iets vonden en aan de andere kant hoopte ik dat ze niets vonden. Het beleid was nu zo dat ik bij elke operatie een antibioticakuur krijg. Dus de dag erna stond er weer een operatie op de planning. Again, this would be one recording day. So after the surgery I immediately got antibiotics. After the interview I came to the corridor's assistant psychiatry at and we've been talking for a while with each other. Because it was another setback to what I had been told the internist. We also talked about the upcoming surgery. Because I myself had not one good feeling about it, because the time for it was gone it wrong. Her advice was to take into account that it is best to could go a number of days. Monday 12 juni 2006 I had another appointment with an internist.

Dinsdag 23 mei 2006
This day I had to report to 08.00 hour. Rond 10.30 hours I lay on the operating table. Rond 12.30 hours I was on the ward again. The plastic surgeon had said that my arm would be splinted. The antibiotics had already started. In de middag kwam de assistent psychiatrie even langs, want dat had ze beloofd. Ze had de verpleging advies gegeven dat het beter was dat ik een paar dagen opgenomen zou worden, omdat ik dan wat rustiger naar huis ging. Want ik zat wel met de uitslag van de internist. Maar de verpleging gaf al aan dat ik zeker een paar dagen moest blijven. Maar later in de middag kwam de zaalarts langs en die vertelde dat de operatie goed was gegaan en dat ik later op de dag naar huis mocht. Op dit moment zat ook de maatschappelijk werkster bij me, die gaf aan wat het advies van de psychiater en de verpleging was. Maar hij sloeg het advies in de wind, want hij zei als de psychiater vind dat ik moest blijven dan moest ze maar een bed regelen. I indicated that it was an opinion and not a decision. But he insisted that I had to go home. I think this doctor knew not what advice and what an imposition. The social worker was not at all agree with the approach of the doctor and she called later with the plastic surgeon. This later came by and nursing was commissioned to create a band, so my arm was up. He said that he used this operation to repair the wounds, so they were closed again. He indicated that to happen again soon surgery, but this would would be a far-reaching and complex operation. It was in fact so, that if I could bend my arm that then could flow of blood, and then the skin dies. I would 5 days remain included and if I then go home if I had to keep the splint to keep.

Wednesday 24 mei 2006
The night I slept pretty. Morphine also was again removed. The reason was that the infusion weather was not good anymore and had to back out. The pain I had was not as bad as the times before. That's why I decided not to use him. I just got back the patch and that was enough. In the morning, the ward doctor came along and started again about not going home. I told him I wanted to go home, but the surgeon was better that I would stay a few days in hospital. After a discussion with the assistant and a nurse I was still standing behind me stay until Monday, because then the cast would be taken off to see if it was successful.

Thursday 25 mei 2006
There was this day no room doctor visited, while I have a plastic surgeon had seen in the hallway walk. I did have once asked for a painkiller for the spot on the elbow gave a nagging pain. I did not feel so good, sweating a lot and prefer I wanted to sleep all day. Was a walk down substantially, but that, I was right back. The plaster was no picnic, want het jeukte en het erg zweette. The worst of the plaster was that you could not see or smell or what had gone wrong. So it was just hope it was quick Monday.

Vrijdag 26 mei 2006
It was Ascension Day and a Sunday service was turned. All the clinics were closed. So again today not seen doctor. A nurse told me that there were only very few doctors and that only came when there was something wrong or if someone was operated on shortly before. The nursing you barely saw. Just by changing your bed, and during the distribution of the medicines. Also, if you pressed the call bell took the least 15 minutes before someone came. This day I had quite a lot of pain in my elbow. I had that day twice to ask for a paracetamol and had gotten a new morphine patch again. I did have to ask. With them after-nantly was I the day before had a new. My shoulder started to irritate a little, but that was because I spent the whole day to tire had my neck. I did have a bad feeling about the skin graft. I was afraid that the weather had not gone well, but that was for the most part between my ears. As I watched as my leg was just been a small spot what they had discussed in relation to the previous operations.

Zaterdag 27 mei 2006
This day went reasonably, only my elbow hurt. I now had standard l000 mg paracetamol every drug round. A room doctor from another department was doing the rounds and he ran to me drop by. He still knew me from the first operation. I told him that I suffered from a spot on my elbow, but this spot did not sit on the bone but, in addition to. I had to report this Monday from him, because it could very well be that it was a muscle which was stuck. I had taken off the bandage on my leg, because I found it stink. The film I had left it on, also began to loose on all sides. Fortunately no moisture came from. I think the film could be off the next day, because I had more problems than convenience. There was also a new patient in the room

Zondag 28 mei 2006
This night I almost did not sleep a wink, because my neighbor snoring all the time or he pressed the call button. So I was off all day. I hoped that the wound looked good the next morning so I could go home.

Monday 29 mei 2006
Had spent all morning waiting for the ward doctor. He would come in the afternoon but there was not told what time. Only after five o'clock he came along. Turned out that the nurses knew this. The wound looked good, but I had to stay in the splint for further healing. It turned out that a colleague had said the ward doctor him I was home already. So that's why it took a while before he came to me.

This operation is summarized: They have not done much. According to plastic surgeon was previously a repair and it should be an operation according to him. According to the ward doctor no operation came as it looks good and so it should be good. (another ambiguity that I had nothing to, but love me to the conclusion that said plastic surgeon).

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